Getting involved in our Parish

Communications Committee

St. Paul’s Communication’s Committee is continually on the lookout for ways in which we can communicate more effectively. We seek to employ technology to keep in touch with those within our community and reach out to others who don’t yet know who we are. Another way to think of us is as the “Good News Committee”. Our task is to spread the Good News of St. Paul’s within and outside our faith community.

Contact: Pen Jones

Environmental Sustainability Committee

St. Paul’s Environmental Sustainability Committee is charged with evaluating St. Paul’s facilities with regard to energy use/conservation and other sustainability focused practices. We also work to increase our parish’s environmental awareness and involvement with regard to our individual and collective stewardship of God’s creation.

Contact: Deb Harrison

Property Committee

The blessing of being a part of an historic church is that we have a beautiful space (and grounds) in which to worship. The challenge is keeping this bounty bequeathed by former generations, beautiful, safe and ready to meet the needs of 21st century people of God. The Property Committee of St. Paul’s meets at least quarterly to review and take action on any church buildings, ground maintenance or structural projects.

Contact: Peter Gregory