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Boston, Massachusetts

On Saturday, January 28th, the final six Confirmands (from our class of sixteen) were confirmed at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston, Massachusetts by Bishop Alan Gates. Confirmation was an adventure this year due to the complexity of school schedules. In order to have everyone Confirmed we attended confirmations at the Parish of All Saints’ in Dorchester in May, All Saints’ in Brookline in October and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston in January. We won’t have to travel far for the next confirmation which will be held May 13th at our very own St. Paul’s by Bishop Gayle Harris. Confirmation in the Episcopal Church is the rite for baptized persons who are ready and prepared to make a public affirmation of their faith. Confirmation is not required for church membership, but it is a significant, public way to affirm your connection to the church. At confirmation the bishop prays that the Lord will “empower you for his service and sustain you all the days of your life.” Those confirmed this past year include:

  • Katharine Cabot
  • Margery Cabot
  • John Linell
  • Jacob Parkman
  • Nate Parkman
  • Alexander Spyropoulos
  • Christopher Spyropoulos
  • Abigail Wright
  • Courtney E. Clayson
  • Maedleine Jordan
  • Elliot Nichols
  • Georgia Cabot
  • Julia Cochran
  • Schuyler Edie
  • Ian Emery
  • Nicholas Loring

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